Friday, February 8, 2013

Boss NS-2 X Pattern HOW TO (Implementing Tube Screamer and Delay Pedals)


The Images below I put together to try and show how to use the NS-2 X Pattern as simply as possible.
I have implemented where to put a Tube Screamer, Tuner and Delay Effect Pedal.
I hope it helps!

You will need 4 standard 1/4" guitar leads and plug them in as shown:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Skyrim: Mouse Icon Showing After Minimise [Solved]

I have been having this re-occurring problem with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on my PC lately:
Sometimes when I minimise the game (for whatever reason) and maximise again, the Windows mouse icon is still showing.

There is a very simple fix for this:

Credit goes to
"Oayarc" from Gamespot Game FAQs Forum:

"When i alt-tab in and out, i get the double cursor
I alt tab out again, and then tab back in to the first black screen. On this window window, move your windows cursor up to the top of the screen so that it is visible around the top windows bar and left click. Then move your windows cursor down until it disappears (about 20-30% down the screen) and left click."

And that's it! This fix works with modded and vanilla.
Oayarc mentioned he runs a completely unmodded version and I have installed mods both from Nexus and Steam Workshop.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

iTunes "Get Info" Window Loses Focus [Solved]

So for quite a while I was having this problem with my iTunes.
I am running iTunes 11 (not sure on the exact version) and every time I right click a song, or group of songs to edit the information, after a few seconds the window loses focus. So this means you can be staring at your keyboard typing the song name and the window will lose focus causing your typing to stop.
I ended up having to wait until it happened and then clicking back on the window so it would go back into focus.
It was driving me bloody insane for ages until I decided to sit down and fix it. A few Google searches proved unhelpful, so I tried a few different things.

I opened up Task Manager and opened the Performance tab. I noticed that when I opened the "Get Info" window, my CPU usage would suddenly spike to 10/11% and then go back to 0/1/2% that my CPU normally runs on. I thought maybe a background application was stealing focus.
I set the priority of iTunes to High but it didn't solve anything.
So I conducted a quick Google search querying X11 and iTunes which brought me to a strange forum who were explaining that MSN and one of its clients Mercury interact with iTunes to send and receive song information. If you are an MSN user then you probably know about the "Show information about the song I am listening to" feature. So iTunes, MSN and Mercury communicate with each other regarding song information which seems to be the reason my CPU spikes.

So basically, to solve this problem, turn the "Show information about the song I am listening to" feature off. Yes, that's it!

A very strange bug that Apple hasn't seemed to pick up on but it turns out to be a simple fix.
Remember, you can leave the aforementioned feature turned on if you want people to see what you are listening to as it doesn't disrupt iTunes' performance in any other way. Just turn it off if you are going to edit a song(s)' information.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Musical Life

Probably the only thing holding me together these days.

I recently joined a Deathcore band as guitarist. We are called MISERY DILATION. You can check us out on Facebook. [ Click here man! ]
Hopefully soon we will get some shows then you can come and check us out!

And also, I have recently started writing ambient and emotional songs for something a little bit different. You can check these out at any one of these: (It would really mean alot to me if you would go and like the Facebook pages for Misery and Tear.

-Triple J Unearthed- (Awaiting moderation)

All my songs are available for download if you're keen.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Happy Endings

Last year I went into a slumber.
Today, I woke up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The most beautiful moment of perfection

Today, I think I witnessed "a perfect scene."
I was sitting in the gardens of Leed Castle in the province of Kent and it was perfect. It was beautiful.

What made it so perfect? You may ask.
Well, the greatest part of sitting in the garden of a castle that is 800 years old is that there was no noise.
And by noise I mean man-made noises. There were no cars, no planes, no roads nearby, no suburbs... Nothing. Aside from the occasional group of quiet chat from passer by's, the only sounds to be heard were that of nature. The creek nearby was swishing through the rocks and there was a plethora of different birds chirping in the trees and by the lake. And these birds were not loud and annoying like crows or galahs, it was really pretty.

I was sitting on a patch of a grass by the lake under a tree with thick foliage so there was plenty of shade. It was so incredible. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I could have sat there for hours upon hours enjoying the peace and quiet. The clean fresh country air was also a very refreshing sensation. And also, considering it's in England, it was actually really nice weather! Pretty sunny and there wasn't a drop of rain all day and the breeze was only light and wasn't cold. It was incredible. It was perfect.

Only my girlfriend's smile could top it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

English chocolate

I just thought I'd throw it out there:

English chocolate is about a million times better than Australian chocolate.

I bought some Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate today for £1, just the plain chocolate, and it is far nicer than the chocolate of the same type sold in Australia. It tastes so much smoother and has a much richer flavour. So goot.

London journal entry 2

Today I had to vacate the hotel room that I was given by 10 am.
It was definitely the worst hotel room I have ever stayed in so I was glad to leave.

After packing up my stuff and leaving at the hotel for the people to move when my proper was ready, I grabbed some breakfast.
I found a little cafe thing that did a huge breakfast, so I had that.
From there I went to a big stadium called O2. In there, I went to a museum.
This museum showed the history of popular music in Britain.
It went from old rock in the 50s through early heavy metal, to punk and to the modern pop rock bands. It was actually really sweet. I spent alot of time in there. It had heaps of items that were actually owned by the musicians, such as Ozzy Osbourne's stage coat and one of Brian May's guitars. Absolutely fascinating.
Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in the exhibit. But I did get a good photo of me with a huge statue of Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden's mascot) outside the museum which was sweet.

After that, I had some Starbuck's coffee and caught the train back to the hotel. I got the key to my proper room and it is much much nicer. I unpacked and now I sit here typing up this blog.

Tomorrow I will be taking it easy because I am really exhausted.

Friday, June 10, 2011

London Calling

It is currently 5:30 local time here in London and I am sitting on my bed in the hotel.
As you may know already, I caught a bullet train to London from France. The train trip took 2 and a half hours.
The London train station is pretty huge, and it took ages to get out of the station and grab a taxi.

When we finally got to the hotel, there was a slight problem.
The woman that was staying in the room I had booked before me had a medical emergency and can't check out until tomorrow.
The only spare room is a very small room and they managed to cram to single beds in. Albeit they are both sitting right next to each other.
There is virtually no space now in the room. It is REALLY small, but at least it is only for tonight.
What a great start to my 2 weeks in England.

Because of this woman's unfortunate incident, both this room and my actual room that the woman is still in have to be cleared for the cleaners.
This means I have to spend all of tomorrow in the city out of the hotel. I was planning on spending tomorrow lazing and catching up on some energy after a week of running around 2 different cities looking at all the sites.
Not that I have any idea what I will be doing tomorrow, but London is huge and has plenty to do so I won't get stuck.

I will be London for the next week so it's going to be fun.
After that, I catch a train to Bolton via Manchester.
Bolton is a small town that my father grew up in so that could be interesting.
I will spend that following week traveling around some local areas and seeing what goes down.

Internet is not free at this hotel so don't expect to hear from me often, but keep checking this blog or my facebook if you are interesting in keeping up with what's happening. :)

I believe that's all for now. I need to buy some internet and upload this. I am currently writing this in Notepad haha.
But first, I want to eat and have a drink.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My time in Paris

I've only been in Paris for the last 3 and a half days, but I have done and seen so many great things.
Of course, I saw the Eiffel Tower.
Among others are:
The Arc De Triomph,
Notre Damn Cathedral,
Palais Garnier,
The Pantheon,
Place De Vosgos,
Flame of Liberty,
And various other buildings. Majority of which were seen as part of a bus-refined tour around the city.

I didn't get up to alot aside from seeing all these landmarks.
I ate heaps of food including some croissants and french fries, had a few lazy drinks at a local pub and lazed about in the city in general.

But seeing all of those buildings was definitely the best part about Paris.
There are so many beautiful buildings here and so many of them are so old it's incredible.
The Notre Damn Cathedral was probably my personal favourite with its aesthetic pleasure. Absolutely beautiful architecture.

The first night I was here, I visited an area across the river from the Eiffel Tower which provided the best viewing spot.
Behind it there was an electric storm and I took some videos as it closed in on us. Looked amazing.
This storm eventually caught up to us and I ran to the nearest metro, getting soaked in the process. When the rain died down a little bit, I walked back to the hotel.
The rain and lightning didn't stop all night.
The weather on the 8th was the worst: Cold and wet all day.

I went up a tower called Montparnasse but because of the weather, the visibility was reduced. But so was the price of going up.
The view was still remarkable despite the heavy fog. The tower allowed a complete 360 degree view of the surrounding city, with half of the Eiffel Tower visible underneath the fog.
The rainy weather meant the windows were wet so the photos didn't come out the greatest.
Next to the Montparnasse was a shopping mall. I looked around there a little bit but didn't see anything interesting.

Today (9th June) I had a lazy day, but I bought myself a bottle of French Rum. I can't wait to crack it open when I get back home!
Also today, well tonight, I will be attending a System of A Down Concert. SO KEEN FOR THAT.

And I believe that is all I really have to talk about. Check my facebook for photos!

I have had a great time in Paris and I think that this country is absolutely beautiful.
Tomorrow I catch a train to London where I will be traveling around England for 2 weeks.

Until next time, bye! :)